Why India banned 59 Chinese apps?

Why government has banned these Chinese apps? Is this a permanent ban or just a patriotic sentiment? What is the real reason about this? Read this article until the end and you will find some great facts about India’s strategy against china.

I will be telling you about some serious security concerns of this apps. I would be telling you some facts than you decide that if it is necessary to ban this apps or not.

Where is TikTok user’s data is stored? How it is used? Questions like this were being raised since 2018. As a response ByteDance a chinese company said that they will keep the data in India. This news is one year old still our data is stored outside India, Camscanner and UC Browser were also in controversy previously. People generally ask me What is the difference between chinese apps and other countries apps? Why only chinese apps are banned? Lets go to 2017. In 2017 china made a law that is China’s National Intelligence law, it requires organizations and citizens to “support, assist and cooperate with the state intelligence work.” What it means is this, if china needs data from any chinese company for any security reasons. Then the company can’t say that it is a user’s private data, the company have to share that data. This is not only India, the Dutch data protection board and Europe data protection authority are also starting a privacy investigation on tiktok. TikTok is also banned in US and Australian military. All this data can be used to spy on india.

Apple recently noticed a threat that in IOS 14 the data which is copied on clipboard can be read by TikTok. Think about what you copy on your clipboard, your OTP, links, forwards Everything.

In this running conflict with china, is it worth the risk and give so much sensitive information to china? But wait tiktok is not the only app with problems. Who doesn’t like to save money, we all love discounts. But in the name discounts what if the company doesn’t pay any Tax? I am talking about shein and club factory. These apps avoid custom duty in india to deliver your orders to you. This was a very controversial topic in 2019 and these are large scale evasive malpractices and we can’t ignore them

Some people believe that this app ban does not make any difference. So let’s see about numbers. TikTok and UC Browser have 12 crore active users in India, shareit has 20 crore users. When TikTok was banned in India in 2018, So there was a lose of $500,000 on daily basis of china. Now a most important question Is this ban permanent? and the answer is I don’t think so. If data privacy is the only reason then data localisation issues raised 1 year back will be resolved in some coming weeks. So this was some facts from my side. The lists of apps which Indian government has banned are

Originally published at https://sciencefr.blogspot.com on July 4, 2020.




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