Quantum technology

Quantum mechanics is certainly among the most profound scientific ideas which we have around. People like Bohr and Einstein discovered deeper principle of quantum mechanics about a hundred years ago. Those principles of quantum mechanics are absurd for us humans but not for the small particles like electrons can do is for instance not be confined to one single point in space now it can occupy different points in space at the same time.

Now, how that is possible? It is actually very impossible to explain in words. The best thing we can do is just accept that what is absurd for us is OK for small particles like electrons and so think about this for a moment because it’s actually very essential for my story that a single particle the single object can be at different locations at the same time, we call it superposition.

Since Einstein and Bohr and actually also other genius scientists developed the principles of quantum mechanics. We have been using mostly formulas to describe nature as it is given to us. Now 100 years later it is a time for something new, we now view nature as an information processor. Instead of formulas we use some symbols to describe that there is a flow of information in the nature. We no longer study nature as it is given to us, we actually have started to design and construct actual subprogram the machines that we make ourselves and study how our own designed machines can actually solve quantum problems.

So what we can do if we have a quantum computer. So we can ask ourselves that what big problems we face on the earth. Actually there are many challenges that we face on the earth but lets focus on our natural resources , we are spoiling energy, we are wasting materials, our climate is changing too fast and many people on earth do not get the right medicine. These are the very big problems that some how we have to solve it rather soon at least within the next few decades. To solve those problems we need radically new tools. No one doubts that help from a super computer will be of vital importance to actually solve these problems and that’s what use of the quantum computers can come in.

Now in universities have started the fundamentals of quantum computers since two decade. In the last few years also some of the bigger it companies have joined this effort and when companies join and invest money they have actually some specific ideas for the purpose they want to use the quantum computers for and made a little list of what they say will be the applications of quantum computer.

So it is a list starting with:

  • Electrical cables with zero loss of energy
  • Drug development by solving quantum chemistry
  • Predicting materials properties for electronics and energy storage
  • Machine learning
  • Optimization problems for robotics
  • Handling big data for sequencing genomes
  • Airplane design

But this list is of course by far is not complete. It is only a example and it is impossible to predict what we can do with a new technology.

Originally published at https://sciencefr.blogspot.com on July 14, 2020.




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