Is it possible to Travel in Time?

It is most asked question by me nowadays, so lets try to find it’s answer. I would say YES it is possible, but only theoretically not practically. So now a question arises that, “Although theoretically we can travel in time but how?”. This we would be discussing in this blog. So read it until the end. You will get all your quarries clear about Time Travel.

Before we see how to travel in time, we should know what actually time is? According to some theories of Quantum physics their are infinite dimensions simultaneously going on. Humans can see and works in only three dimensions, after the third dimension reach of human is finished. The dimension which comes after third dimension which is fourth dimension is known as “TIME”.

Time travel is a very big phenomenon but, I will try to explain in more simple words i can. According some theory of Quantum physics a body of zero dimension can only travel in all the dimension exist including time( as we know that time is also a dimension). If you have seen Avengers endgame, you have seen in the movie that all of them had travel in time by making themselves so small that their dimension is comparable to zero dimension, so by that they traveled in a quantum realm to travel in time.

Now you are thinking that its a fantasy why I am comparing it with a movie. So lets get to a practical theory that is “ Theory of relativity”. This theory was given by sir Albert Einstein it states that “ If any object travel with the speed of light time gets relative with the object”. Now we understand this theory with the help of a example:- suppose you are travelling in a space ship which is travelling with the speed of light so time inside and outside the spaceship will become relative it means that time will be slower outside the spaceship as compared with inside, so you would travel in future. So you would have a question here that why we have not traveled till now, it is because for travelling at speed of light we should give infinite amount of energy to the space ship, that is till now not possible.

So this was about travelling in future what about past? Travelling in past is more hypothetical concept which was given by sir Stephen Hawking. He told us about Worm holes, with the help of which we can travel in future. Worm holes are the path ways which connects two dimensions, it is a kind of tunnel joining two black holes in two different dimensions. It crosses the pathway of time so that we can travel in whatever time we want. Now you would have another question that where these worm holes exist, it could be any where around you but to open it large amount of energy is needed. So it is more hypothetical than the Einstein theory.

If time machine is built in future how it would function? It would be used for generating a wormhole nearby so that we can go inside the wormhole in order to travel in time. Exactly this happened in the german webseries DARK if you have seen it you could relate this to it, if you have not seen it yet I would recommend you to see it. This was all in this blog if you have any quarry just put it in the comment box I would try to make a new blog on that.

Originally published at on July 3, 2020.




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